This festive season, for the weekend’s read is an inspiring tale on how to manage wealth to achieve financial prosperity. Also this week, stories on karma and a fresh and compelling perspective of birds in Delhi – their skills in building nests, training their young and the daily effort of living in a city. Take a look at the IANS books this weekend.

Money Smart1. Book: Money Smart: The Indian Woman’s Guide to Managing Wealth; Author: Reenita Malhotra Hora and Divya Vij; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 308; Price: Rs. 399

It is known that a majority of Indian homes are managed by women. Aiming at all such women, here is a book by a financial journalist and a consultant with tips on how to manage money and ways to achieve financial prosperity.

With chapters on easy to follow steps to how to save, why to save, and choosing right ways to save, the book discusses, with illustrations and anecdotes on how financial savings can be done efficiently.

The book takes the readers on a journey of decoding the union budget of the year as well and offers tips on how they can go global on their wealth savings and investments. Check your financial IQ and demystify tax processes; here’s a read for a better managed financial year.

2. Book: I See You: Karma will find you; Author: Karishma Attari; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 306; Price: Rs. 299

Here’s the story of 17-year-old Alia, when she’s back in Mumbai from an elite boarding school. Her new friends have no idea about her true identity and her troubled past. Between her and her happiness stands Bobby, a malevolent child ghost, who has given a chill to the life at the family villa.

To face various situations, Alia is forced to enter into a pact with her Bollywood stepfather and her mother. Can she redeem the people she loves?

3. Book: Birds in my Indian Garden; Author: Malcolm MacDonald; Publisher: Aleph; Pages: 248; Price: Rs. 299

With a fresh and compelling perspective of the birds in Delhi, MacDonald pens his account of birds in his Indian garden. The author goes into the depth of these birds – their mating rituals, skills in building nests, training the young among other daily efforts of these birds in the city.

Birds like mynahs, flycatchers, drongos, white-eyes, hoopoes, sunbirds, shikras, crows, sparrows, kites and koels all come alive in this account.

4. Book: See Me; Author: Nicholas Sparks; Publisher: Sphere; Pages: 503; Price: Rs. 350

Coming from the best-selling author of novels like ‘The Notebook’, here’s another love story – of Colin Hancock giving his second chance. At 28, Hancock is focused on getting his teaching degree, avoiding all places and people that he failed at.

But one night, when he crosses paths with Maria Sanchez, his life turns upside down. Before the couple can envision a life together, menacing reminders from Maria’s past surface. Read the journey of this couple’s, as they are pushed towards breaking point.