Indian-Canadian comedian Lilly Singh, who has over 7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, battled depression and came out of this as much stronger person.

Lilly SinghPEOPLE magazine reports that Singh knew something was very wrong when the Toronto native was on vacation with her family in the Dominican Republic, but instead of enjoying her time in the sun, she found herself unable to shake the cloud of depression that had been plaguing her for months.

“I didn’t have goals. I didn’t feel like eating. I was upset for absolutely no reason,” PEOPLE magazine reported Singh as saying in its current issue. “I told myself, ‘You have a choice: Either continue feeling this way or do something to change your life.'”

Singh was at a crossroads between applying for graduate school or attempting the career in entertainment she’d dreamed of since childhood, PEOPLE said. Singh, now 27, ultimately decided that using YouTube as a creative outlet would not only help her move on from her depression but possibly help others as well.

And it worked. Singh still has rough days, but she has dedicated her life to her popular YouTube channel Superwoman, which is followed by seven million subscribers, the magazine reported.

“People ask how I got out of my depression, and I don’t know. Something in my brain just switched,” says Singh, who is the subject of the upcoming YouTube Red documentary A Trip to Unicorn Island, according to PEOPLE magazine. “Now I hope my videos can be a switch for someone.”

Singh is also a motivational speaker. She is particularly known for her satirical takes on everyday life. Born in Ontario to Malwinder and Sukhwinder Singh, she is known among her fans for uploading videos on YouTube every Monday and Thursday.