WALTHAM, MA—Anyone interested in New England’s weather knows Mish Michaels, an Emmy Award winning broadcast meteorologist and environmental reporter in Boston for two decades. She served as meteorologist with Boston’s major TV channels: WHDH (NBC), WBZ (CBS) and The Weather Channel.

Many, however, may not know about her successful venture into writing children’s books. Earlier this year, she released: Ms. G’s Shadowy Road to Fame, an almost a true story of the official state groundhog of Massachusetts.

Mish Michaels (Photo by Upendra Mishra)
Mish Michaels (Photo by Upendra Mishra)

Born in Kolkata, India with the given name Anuradha meaning “one who does good for others,” Michaels talks about her life, Indian roots and as a budding writer of children’s books in an exclusive video interview with INDIA New England News. To watch the interview, please click here.

When Michaels was in kindergarten, an F2 tornado ripped through her apartment complex just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. It is her earliest childhood memory and she’s been searching the skies ever since. Her weather coverage has taken television viewers on a tornado chase in Oklahoma, on a flight into Hurricane Isabel and to the top of Mount Washington in mid-winter.

Besides her field coverage of storms, for many years Mish was the only reporter in Boston dedicated to covering stories related to weather and climate change. Additionally, her work for The Weather Channel show Atmospheres spanned the globe from air pollution studies in the Swiss Alps to ice climbing in Calgary.

Michaels is an avid equestrian and enjoys watercolor painting, spending time with family and friends, and travel. She lives with her husband and their daughter Nalina in the Boston area.

Michaels has also launched an organic clothing line for the Weather Watcher in every kid!, Natural Cloud Cover by Mish Michaels, LLC. It was inspired by her daughter Nalina and her childhood experience with extreme weather.