Aditi Arya

NEW DELHI–Crowned Femina Miss India World earlier this year, Aditi Arya, who is going to represent India at the Miss World pageant, says that besides taking up the responsibilities which automatically come with the title she would like to take forward the cause of education if she wins the contest.

Aditi Arya
Aditi Arya

“I have been associated with the cause of education for a long time. After winning Miss India, I took it to another level… trying to promote knowledge and equality. People in the far interiors of India should have the same access to resources and learning systems that we have here in the cities,” Aditi told IANS.

“Even if I do end up winning the Miss World title, which is very strongly attached to the charities which raise funds for children and women across the world, I think I will mix my responsibilities with my causes and take them forward,” she added.

The 65th edition of the Miss World pageant will be held on December 19 in Sanya, China.

With the knowledge that most beauty queens get bitten by the Bollywood bug, Aditi shared that it would be ungrateful for her if she lets go of such an opportunity if it comes knocking on her door.

“It will be very ungrateful for me to turn down any opportunity that knocks my door because I am living a dream which many girls have dreamt of. It will be unfair if I don’t take it,” she said.

Shattering the misconception that beauty queens lack intelligence, Aditi said that
people should have a look at the profiles of the contestants that Miss India had before making such remarks.

“To the people who believe that models are brainless, I would ask them to look at the profiles of every contestant we had for Miss India. We had a dentist and I am myself a business analyst. We had two doctors, one had done some research on cancer, the other had worked with Uttar Pradesh government in the sector of public health,” she said.

“Intelligence is in fact one of the main criteria that the girls are judged on. If you are successful no matter what industry you hail from, it is the street smartness quotient that one has in order to figure out your way in them,” she added.

With a number of girls who would kill to be in Aditi’s shoes, the Femina Miss India shared that the girls should neither follow nor imitate others.

“Do not lose yourself to follow others’ profile and imitate them. Yes, be influenced by them, learn from the good tings, but don’t lose your personality and spirit in the process. Work hard on what you believe in.

“You know what your strengths are so highlight them as much as you can, stay grounded and humble,” she concluded.

The live telecast of Miss World will be aired on Zee Café on December 19.