A make-up artist who fought gender discrimination in Bollywood in news again

NEW DELHI–The story of Charu Khurana, an Indian make-up artist who won a six-year-long legal battle against gender discrimination in the Indian film industry, left Oscar winner Cate Blanchett touched.

Charu Khirana (Photo courtesy: Times of India)

Charu Khirana (Photo courtesy: Times of India)

Khurana, whose name was registered as the first female member in Bollywood’s all-men make-up artists body earlier this year, got talking to Blanchett backstage at the Women in the World summit.

While appreciating the “power of stories”, Blanchett told internationally known journalist and author Tina Brown here: “Charu, an extraordinary make-up artist, while she was applying lipstick to me, told me how she challenged the Supreme Court ruling that women cannot be make-up artists in Bollywood.

“She won the right to be a make-up artist and already, 400 women have become make-up artists in her way.”

Khurana had challenged the clause for being discriminatory to women, who wished to be a part of the Cine Costume Make-up Artists and Hair Dressers Association (CCMAA).

Blanchett made the story known to a hall full of people, who came to watch the “Blue Jasmine” actress share her journey at the summit, which was live webcast to the world.

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