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WALTHAM, MA—If you cannot wait for shopping on Black Friday, you may want to read the 8 useful tips for the year’s biggest shopping day, which is the day after the Thanksgiving Day in the United States that falls on the fourth Thursday of November.

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia
Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Black Friday kicks off the start of the Christmas shopping season. Most retailers open early and offer heavy discounts. But before you jump into the Black Friday shopping bandwagon and the holiday craziness, here are the eight tips from recent studies and reports from CardHub & WalletHub.

• JCPenney and Kohl’s are 2015’s Best Retailers For Black Friday Deals.

• Over 17% of items will actually be more expensive on Black Friday than they currently are on

• Books, movies and music will offer the most value on Black Friday 2015 relative to their current prices, while jewelry is expected to be the worst deal.

• 11% of Black Friday deals are the same as last year, per our 2015 Black Friday Freshness Report.

• Visa, and American Express top the list of 2015’s 50 Most Popular Gift Cards.

• Consumers can save up to $625 with one of 2015’s Best & Worst Credit Cards For Holiday Shopping.

• Most consumer credit cards have a number of forgotten-about benefits that can save shoppers a lot of time and money this holiday season, including extended warranties, price protection and rental car insurance.

• 47% of major-retailer financing offers have a feature called deferred interest that can make holiday purchases up to 27.5-times more expensive than expected if shoppers aren’t careful.