CAMBRIDGE, MA– TiE Boston is holding a panel discussion on “Solar Energy Deep Dive: Current and Future Developments in Solar Energy” on Nov. 18 in Cambridge, MA.

The Deep Dive solar energy event will present perspectives of the status of solar energy and some thoughts on what will influence the future deployment of solar energy in the United States. To get a better appreciation of where things stand and what needs to be done going forward, TiE-Boston has assembled a great set of speakers to address various topics.

The speakers include: Vikram Aggarwal, CEO, EnergySage; Andrew Belden, Solar Program Director, MassCEC; Colin Smith, Solar Research Analyst, Greentech Media; Rob Stoner, Deputy Director, MIT Energy Initiative and Director, MIT Tata Center; Frank van Mierlo, CEO, 1366 Technologies; and Alison Ernst, Senior Manager Investments, MassCEC. The panel will be moderated by Vivek Soni, managing partner, Boston Cleantech Partners.

Organizers of the event say that solar photovoltaic (PV) deployment has grown significantly in the US and globally in the past decade driven by significant cost reduction in module prices, policy incentives and creative business models. However, with just about 1 percent of the US electricity supply based on solar energy, there is significant potential for solar and renewables to significantly reduce the impact of fossil fuels in the energy supply chain.

This program, which has been organized by the TiE-Boston Cleantech Special Interest Group, will include perspectives on:

• Customer expectations for solar energy

• Current deployment in MA and in the US

• Impact of storage

• Drivers for significant future deployment

• Technologies that will make a difference

• Investor considerations going forward.

The event is on November 18th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm at East Arcade Conference Center, One Main Street in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit www.Boston.Tie.Org .