Erin C. Deveney

BOSTON – Thousands of drivers in the Commonwealth can now prepay their road test and license fees online with the new Pay My Road Test or License Fees transaction announced this week by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Erin C. Deveney
Erin C. Deveney

“Paying road test and license fees is the latest option in our continuing effort to offer more choices for our customers to do business online,” said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Erin C. Deveney. “While we prepare to process close to a million and a half license and registration renewals between now and the end of the year, this new option is just one more reason our customers have to skip a visit to a branch altogether.”

Currently, 50 percent of licenses issued are paid for in a branch after the customer passes the exam. Implementing the prepay function has the potential to result in the elimination of up to 50,000 trips to a branch.

Customers who have a regular Class D permit or a motorcycle Class M permit will be eligible for the new online service. Visit before completing a road test and avoid the lines altogether.

This is the first online transaction added to the RMV website under the Baker-Polito Administration and is part of a series of initiatives to improve wait times at the RMV. Today’s announcement comes on the heels of a campaign launched earlier this month by the agency to promote its online registration and license renewal services as the agency prepares to process more than 1.32 million renewals before December 31, 2015.

With the new Pay My Road Test or License Fees transaction, the license will be automatically manufactured and delivered in the mail approximately two weeks after the road test if a customer: passes the road test, pays all associated fees, and has no outstanding obligations against their record. The permit will serve as the temporary license until the card is received by the customer. The online transaction eliminates the need to go into a branch to have the license issued.

The prepay option is still available over phone when booking a road test, and in branches as well at time of permit application. The RMV offers over 20 online services online at