WALTHAM, MA—Meet Boston’s Alpa Ladani, a captain in the United States Army who is currently deployed to Afghanistan where she is key to the daily operation of Resolute Support Mission headquarters in Kabul. She is the highest ranking Indian-American official deployed in Afghanistan.

Ladani-resize“It has been very interesting to be here,” 35-year-old Ladani told INDIA New England News in a telephone interview from Afghanistan. “I have learnt a lot. There 42 countries represented here.”

In Kabul, Ladani looks after the daily operation of Resolute Support Mission headquarters, which houses about 2,500 service members, civilians and contractors from over 40 countries. She is in-charge of Moral, Welfare Activities as well as the Reception Center which is responsible for the in and out processing of all personnel, Billeting and Pass and Permits.

Ladani lives and works in Boston. In April this year, Ladani was deployed to Afghanistan.
“I am with the US Army for the past 19 years,” said Ladani, who plans to come back to Boston after she completes her service in Afghanistan.

As an Executive Officer, Ladani represent the Forward Support Base in numerous operational planning teams and plays an integral part in Mayor Cell responsibilities. She also is involved in staff development, energy use planning, building maintenance and capital improvement projects.

Ladani was born in Upleta, Gujarat, India and came to the United States in 1987 and settled in Windsor, Connecticut. She has been in the US Army for 19 years, enlisted for 13 and five as an officer. She has been to Iraq, Germany, Bahrain, and arrived in Afghanistan in April.

In Iraq, Ladani was a medic who cared for combat wounded personnel. She was the only female officer out of 162 personnel in her unit in Bahrain and the only one of 35 Soldiers in her 143rd Regional Support Group.
Ladani says coming from India and South Asia has worked to her advantage in Afghanistan. Since she speaks a different language, Ladani can communicate in Hindi with some of the workers on the base and appreciates other cultures.

Ladani has lived in Boston since 2013 and is the Operations Manager for the Homeless Service Bureau in the Boston Public Health Commission. She enjoys exploring the city and spending time with her family and friends.