NEWTON, MA—Rose Pavlov, CEO and Founder of Ivy Child International, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching children and communities mindfulness, self-regulation, and leadership, inaugurated the second annual event of Wholistic Health Alliance Event on Sunday.

Wholistic-Event“Wholistic Health Alliance is serving our community by strengthening and building pathways to provide optimal health resources for our children and families,” said Pavlov. “This afternoon of workshops provided an opportunity to share best practices in holistic health care and strengthen the network of providers.”

The event was held on Nov. 8 at the New England School of Acupuncture in Newton. The event was sponsored by Ravindra Mahadev on behalf of Ameriprise. Ten vendors representing a variety of holistic practices, participated in the event. They included Immaculate Soaps, Aveta Biomics, Bhavna’s Wellness Group, Dhaya Embrace, EZ Compliments Cooking, Inner Voice Homeopathy, Kerala Ayurveda Academy, Ortho Bionomy, and Well Life Medical. The event was attended by approximately 150 people.

Wholistic Health Alliance, a non-profit organization, provides a platform for holistic health practitioners to come together under one umbrella, fostering collaborations, building stronger networks, and enabling greater synergy with the community.