Dear Editor,

There have been many attempts to malign Modi by certain groups in the past from the time when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat even influencing the denial of his US visa four times. At least three times there have been judicial probes and court trials regarding his involvement in the Godhra riots. The courts found him free of any involvement in all the three trials. Not only that courts also categorically declared that the said riots were the repercussion of a premeditated heinous crime of burning alive 59 innocent Hindu pilgrims mostly women and children in Sabarmati Express by a group of about 2000 members of the minority community.

Narendra Modi-FBRecent Bihar election results definitely have been a set back for Modi though his party BJP received the largest share of votes of 9.15 million, mostly from the progressive and educated voters in the state, as opposed to RJD’s 6.79 million and JDU’s 6.2 million from the cast- based constituencies.

BJP’s loss was primarily due to its lack of experience in Bihar’s petty caste- based voting tradition where Nitish and Lalu are the veterans of counting the no. of Yadavs, Mandals, Bhumihars and the like and used it to their advantage. Nitish’s unholy winning alliance with the Jungle Raj master Lalu, a well known convict with 5 year rigorous imprisonment record , does not bode well for Bihar’s future!

Another unfortunate move to taint Modi’s image, “Award Wapsi”, returning their literary awards by some writers and artistes citing some local incidents as a growth of intolerance in India, is a manufactured protest, mostly by the same group opposed to Modi even before he became the P.M. The hypocrisy of these protesters is very apparent when many such incidents and even on a much more wider scale have happened in the past under different administrations , when these protesters never felt a similar urge.

Undoubtedly those with black money and underhanded dealings , corruption and bribery as their modus operandi will find Modi government unpalatable and hurting their interests. They would do anything to topple Modi government or curtail its strength. The country and the citizens particularly have to be vigilant against such disruptive forces.

People of Gujarat elected Modi unprecedented three times with overwhelming majority by a clear democratic process and people of India gave Modi an absolute majority in the 2014 General Elections to govern the country as its Prime Minister. From all accounts Modi has a very transparent, fair and efficient governance record with no history or ambitions of accumulating personal wealth for him or his family. There have been no incident of any political/financial scandals as prevalent in the past governments such as in the award of 2G spectrum or coal mines leases costing the country to lose thousands of crores of rupees in revenue.

In the last year and half Modi has initiated some very visionary and progressive projects such as Swachchha Bharat, Digital India, Bullet Train, Solar Energy , Make in India, Adhaar etc. Each of these projects will help India become a strong and advanced country and a world power. However, such projects need time and the helping hand of the entire country to yield results. Swachchha Bharat does not mean Modi will show up every morning at your door step with his long broom to clean your yard as some critics find fault with his programs.

For the sake of India and her people let’s join Modi with our helping hands and heart in making his projects successful truly in tune with ” Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas”. India is making progress , it has created a much stronger international image. India is rising , nothing can stop it. The great leviathan has been awakened. Let’s not get be bogged down by the enemies of India trying to thwart the momentum of progress and higher goals!

Prof. Tridib Roy

(Mr. Roy is Professor Emeritus at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA.)